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Repligen is an American company devoted to the development and production of materials used in the manufacture of biological drugs. The company is based in Waltham, Massachusetts,2014, and incorporated in Delaware in 1981. A public company, Repligen is listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol RGEN. As of February 2014, Repligen employed 116 people, about 50% of these based in Sweden.

An angry former employee shared his/her experience working for Repligen on Indeed in September 2017:

"General culture is to overwork staff and not provide enough personnel required to effectively execute on goals, job."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Toxic environment. Bosses lie. Rampant cronyism. People in positions that they don't belong in, don't deliver the work for their position but they are protected because they were brought in by people at the top that they are friends with. Everyone puts up with more and more stress until they're about to quit and then management does too little too late to help and people leave. People at the top are ridiculously arrogant and promise things and speak to customers about things that they don't actually know about. Then the workers have to work mega overtime to compensate for bad decisions. I saw this for two years not just single incidents, it's a pattern. They want to own their employees lives. They are not geared toward work / life balance, everyone works overtime. That stinks when you're salary or have a family or don't want to miss life, die young from stress etc. My boss worked 120 hours a week on a regular basis. They get a kick out of making people travel, especially when it's a hardship for the worker. They buy smaller companies that are in line with their industry and then gut them and destroy all the key parts of what made the product work because they think that their system of doing things is 'superior' when in fact it's entirely uninformed and inefficient. They don't care about the customer, they just want to use the systems that make them sound good on paper, likely because they are trying to sell the whole company to a bigger company later. Their business outlook is good because they basically cook the books at the customer's expense. Statements like 'Oh, we can't ship that this quarter, customer has to wait because revenue has to be perfect', 'we can't report that issue this quarter it will cost something that will make revenue not look perfect' is the tip of the ice burg. It feels unethical. These fancy systems make the work harder and delay delivery for the customer. I watched three companies go from having virtually no customer complaints to having a steady stream of issues after being bought by Repligen. Repligen likes to impose uneducated growth models on people that are already over allocated and over taxed. People get sick. It's sad and depressing. Sure they have all kinds of office parties and social things. But the workers in my group could only go to them if they made up for the work they'd miss by working nights and weekends. Not cool. I feel terrible bad mouthing anybody but in this case, BEWARE."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Management is extremely toxic and will only cover themselves while sabotaging their employees. - Management becomes borderline threatening if you question their extremely inefficient workflow. - Doesn't provide proper PPE nor care for the safety of its workers and won't properly train. - Does not believe in improving or moving forward, enjoys staying in the dark ages and will strongly go against anyone who attempts to change that. - HR is unsupportive to any other employees outside of management, so any belief that things can change will be extinguished. - Hardcore lowball you even with a degree and experience. Just avoid working here at all costs. It's not worth it."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Company acquisition practices are extremely aggressive. They clean house by increasing the work load of hourly staff, demising bonuses, giving poor reviews and hiring more incompetent managers than staff who are unreasonable and have a preconceived notions of the tenured employees they work with."

Current Employee - Accounting Specialist says

"Exec team is lost - lead by CEO - no direction - no accountability - no sense of urgency."

Former Employee - QC Analyst says

"Alot of back stabber for person growth, very toxic environment. Thay hire people with A plus resume but don't really have the experience. And pay is not equal for the same position."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Recent acquisition of Spectrum Labs=many roles have been made redundant and employees have lost jobs No proper training for field employees Managers unavailable/unapproachable Backstabbing co-workers who will be nice to your face then fill management's ears with negative feedback"


"Groups are too segregated, team-work mentality is lacking, re-active approach to issues. Expectations of management is unreasonable for certain functions (work is not appropriately spread out). Hugh imbalance of workload."


"Ineffective management, all male executives, assistant director position for females being the highest level. positive reviews on social media sights are scripted by public relations."

Former Employee - QC Chemist says

"Many hiden conflicts between departments and inside groups. Bad managment."

Former Employee - Quality Control says

"Very repetitive daily tasks. Toxic work environment."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Repligen will continue to prosper, though will be hindered by inability of current leadership to shift from independent contributors to leaders. If you have experience and want to grow, be wary of their roles."

IT Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"General culture is to overwork staff and not provide enough personnel required to effectively execute on goals, job. The personnel that are there are all great and there is good camaraderie. Benefits are good and social events are great and frequent.great social events and benefits, great peopleunder-resourced, over worked"

BIOTECH LAB TECHNICIAN (Current Employee) says

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